Jesus said: “I pray … that they  all may be one.” (John 17:20-23)  He knew that a kingdom or a house  divided against Itself cannot stand  (Mk 3:24-25). If division ruptures  kingdoms and families, how does It  effect the house of God, the church,  God’s kingdom? We all know that  It Is divided.

What can we do? We must make  peace, but how … while all the  elements are at war? Who can stem  the torrents of denominational strife  and quench the fires of sectarian  violence? This terrible condition will  not right itself. If you and I do not work  for unity, we will go on supporting  a divided house.

Peter said: “Seek peace and pursue  It” (1 Pet 3:11). Believers should  therefore all be working for peace  and unity In Jesus’ army, and give up  Innovations and traditions that have  been added that are not authorized In  the Word. Paul said we must diligently  pursue unity, then he listed seven  specifics: 1 body (church), 1 Spirit,  1 hope (heaven), 1 Lord (Jesus), 1 faith  (doctrine), 1 baptism (Immersion for  forgiveness), and 1 God (Eph 4:4-6).

Ask today for a plan for unity.