The prophet Hosea (750 BC) summed up the indictment against Israel in one word; “Whoredom.” Israel had done worse than adultery. As a harlot she had prostituted herself with Baal worship for hire (2:12-13). The people were without knowledge of God (4:6) and ignorant of His law (8:12). Hosea rebuked the people of Israel severely (4:11-13; 8:4; 9:10; 10:1-3; 13:1-2). They worshiped the calf from Jereboam and followed Baal, the false god introduced by wicked Jezebel.

The people were guilty of swearing, murder, stealing, adultery, deceit, lying, drunkenness and other crimes (4:2-18; 6:8-9). It was a time of political upheaval, when Hosea prophesied the doom of his nation and its people. They refused to hear God’s voice of authority. To punish for their sins, their nation crumbled. What was the cause of this widespread immorality? (1) Corruption of priests and consequently (2) their worship was contrary to God’s word.

These things are written to teach us (Rom 15:4). When preachers speak doctrines of men (Mk 7:6-8) and condone false worship (instruments of music like David, adoration of Mary, women preachers, etc.), our doom is certain unless we repent.