Jesus said a man must be honest and good in order to produce fruit in His kingdom (Luke 8:15). The seed of the gospel must find lodging in this kind of soil or it cannot bear fruit for God. If any man or any preacher is not totally honest, he can never make a good servant of Christ. Most people think a lawyer is always a liar. There are more than 1 million lawyers in the USA. It is good to know there are a few successful lawyers who are genuine Christians. In polls, only politicians fare worse. It is good to know there are Christian law schools which are helping to change that reputation, teaching both excellence and integrity. In their law practice they are taught to (1) advise clients when they are wrong, (2) fight on the right side of justice, (3) never compromise your own moral beliefs, and (4) always tell the truth. If you read your Bible, but are dishonest and distort (twist) what you preach, you are a false teacher (2 Tim 2:15; Lk 8:4-15; 2 Pet 3:16). Preachers and elders, are you listening (I Tim 4:1-2; Acts 20:28-30)?