As early as 2100 BC, Babylonians are recorded as tithing to their gods. Greeks tithed to Diana. The Roman earliest civilizations tithed (gave 1/10th) to their god Hercules. Why did these heathen people give a tenth to their gods? Where did this law begin which went to all parts of the world? Only one reasonable answer: God taught Adam to give no less than this portion to his Maker. Cain and Abel were the first in the Bible record who gave to God. Abel offered “by faith,” meaning he obeyed God’s command. The Bible does not record the command, but it necessarily infers a command which Abel obeyed and Cain did not (Genesis 4:3-7; Rom 10:17). Noah, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob all lived hundreds of years before the law was given to Moses, and they all gave a sacrificial offering (Gen 8:20; 14:20; 26:25; 33:20; Heb 7:4, a tithe). These men were “righteous” and “believed in God.” The law of Moses required a tithe at least (Lev 19:9-10; 27:30-33; Num 18:21-24; Ex 22-29). They also had a 2nd and 3rd tithe (Dt. 14:222-29). Christians are to learn these things (Rom 15:4). Dare we who have MORE give LESS? Ask for full study on giving.


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