A recent president of our country made an appeal for our country to follow the Bible “as a chart” for our lives. It is indeed a chart, a map, a blueprint. Man “cannot direct his own steps” (Jer 10:23). There is a “way that seems right” to us, but it leads death (Prov 14:12). The Bible is the all-sufficient guide in all matters of faith and morals. Heaven curses anyone who dares to add to, subtract from or change a single principle, policy or precept (Gal 1:8-9; 2 John 9; Rev 22:18-19). The Bible “furnishes the man of God thoroughly unto every good work” (2 Tim 3:16-17). It is dangerous to add church councils of men. If we “go beyond what is written,” we do not have God (1 Cor 4:6).The book of Mormon (by Joe Smith, 1830 AD) or the Koran (by Mohamet, 600 AD) or Papal Encyclicals, etc., all ADD to the perfect Word of God, the Bible, hence are false and unreliable.The only reliable guide for life that leads to heaven was “once and for all time delivered” to Christians in the first century (Jude 3). The broad way leads to death; the narrow to life (Mt 7:13-14). Ask for free Bible, your map of life.