The answer will depend on who defines the word … Roman Catholic man-made law, or God’s word. The Roman Catholic definition says you must first die. Then five years of investigation of your life follows. Then the information is sent to Rome where a group of Catholic dignitaries examines, then finally the Pope must approve according to church laws. This procedure approved the “beatification” of Pope John Paul II who passed the test, including having worked a miracle. By Catholic laws on May 1, 2011, he was officially deified and sainted. There is another definition, GOD’S definition, recorded in the Bible. Both cannot be true. Here “saint” is from the Greek hagios, meaning “sacred, holy, set apart, a saint.” It is applied to Christ in Mark 1:24 and John 6:69. It is also applied all those who belong to Christ, to all disciples (see I Peter 1:16 and 2 Peter 2:9). Jesus purchased the church of Christ, having cleansed her and set her apart as dedicated to God. These living saints are Christians, “set apart” from the evil world, cleansed, forgiven, dedicated to God (Acts 2:38-42; 5:14; 22:16; 26:18; I Cor 1:2). Ask for free expanded study by Ed McGeachy, minister, Bridgewood church of Christ.