The church Jesus built is most unusual. In fact, when compared to most modern churches it is hardly recognizable. 1. Christ’s church has no earthly headquarters. Jesus is “head over all things to his church” (Eph 1:22). Heaven is headquarters, not Rome, Salt Lake City, Kansas City, Springfield, etc. The church in each location is independent and self-governing under His rule. Members select their own leaders (Acts 6:3; I Pet 5:2). 2. The Lord’s church has no creedal statement drafted by a council or board of men. He gave His church His last will, the New Testament, which completely furnishes the man of God with “all things pertaining to life and godliness” (II Pet 1:3; II Tim 3:15-16). He strictly warned against adding to or taking from its perfection (I Cor 4:6; Gal 1: 6-10; Rev 22:18-19). There is no room for improving, changing or adding to it (Jude 3). 3. Jesus’ church has no separate clergy. He forbad his disciples to call their teachers “father” or any other exalted title such as “reverend” (Mt 23:8-9; Psalm 111:9). Some wonder: “What a strange church! How can it exist?” We invite you to come and see, or ask for free book, Introducing The Church of Christ.