Our way of thinking is not God’s way (Isa 55:8-9). We must not assume a thing is of “little importance” to God just because we think it does not matter. Even Jesus did not do or say anything without the Father first giving Him authority (Jn 8:28). How much more cautious must we be when we presume to act without authority from Christ who has “all authority” (Mt 28:18). Example: Is it unimportant whether Christians clap or play musical instruments to accompany singing in worship? What pleases God can only be learned by what He has spoken in the Bible. This is the only way we can know the mind of God. This principle is seen in Jeremiah who told the people they worshiped not as God “commanded or mentioned, nor did it enter (his) mind” (19:5). The people became furious, beat him, insulted him then put him in prison. Their treatment was so severe he decided to quit preaching. He did quit for a time, but God’s word was “like a fire in his bones” so he could not resist speaking. He was faithful to God and ‘bucked what people thought’ about worship (Jer 20:8-9). Ask for emailed Clapping and Instrumental Worship studies.