There are over 1400 commands from God in the Old Testament. When a specific command is given and obeyed, God blesses. When disobeyed, punishment follows. These are “written to teach us” (Rom. 15:4).
1. King Saul was commanded to kill the Amelekites and all they had (I Sam 15); he disobeyed and lost the kingdom.
2. Prince Uzzah was stricken dead because he did not obey when moving the ark (I Chron 13).
3. Moses struck the rock for water (Num 20). He could not enter the promised land.
4. Noah did all the Lord commanded, and was saved from the flood (Gen 6).
5. The Israelites put blood of a lamb on their doorposts, but the Egyptians did not obey (Ex 12:21).
In the New Testament, commands are different but the principle is the same. When God commanded vocal music in worship (Eph 5:19; Col 3:16), it is sin to change or add mechanical instruments, clapping, dancing, rosaries etc. Another example is to wear the name God gave, “Christian” (Ac 4:12; 11:26; I Pet 4:6). To wear other names (Mormon, Baptist, Catholic, etc) violates God’s specific command. Paul wrote not to “go beyond what is written” (I Cor 4:6), nor to change any command of the gospel (I Cor 1:10-12). Jesus also warned (Mt 15:7-9).
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