“We are not under law, but under grace!” This reflects a serious misunderstanding of both law and grace. It misrepresents the religious system we are under today, for some argue the Christian is not subject to sacred law, freeing him to make his own rules. Jude says this is a perversion of God’s truth (3,4).
John 1:17 calls the first covenant the “law of Moses.” The second was a universal covenant for mankind, given by Jesus and sealed by His death (Mt 26:28). Jeremiah distinguished the first covenant from the “new covenant” (Jer 31:31-34); see first and second (Heb 8:7-13).
The redemptive mission of Christ is the only remedy for our sin problem (Mt 26:28; I Cor 15:3; Eph2:8-9), God’s wonderful scheme of redemption. There was also a measure of grace under the former regime (Gen 6:8; Ex 33:13; Dt 7:12; Jer 31:3).
Outlaws hate law. Without law, sin could not exist (I Jn 3:4; Ro 4:15). Isaiah spoke of God’s new law going forth from Jerusalem. Jesus rules with all authority, and disciples obey His “law of liberty”
(I Cor 9:21; Gal 6:2) his “perfect law” (Jas 1:25).

Ask for Old & New law: “GRACE OR LAW?”