Just who is the ‘Supreme Scientist’? Is he a real-life scientist, one we can look to for answers to all the important questions about our universe, world and personal lives? Yes, there is a real-life, superior and totally trustworthy Supreme Scientist. His words and works are in a class by themselves. He is famous, unique, highly respected and totally trustworthy. He is always right … the only true scientist. He is the Word, the Way, the Truth, the Life!
He is Jesus Christ. He is the supreme standard by which all other scientists’ words and works must be measured and judged.
Here are ‘Seven Supreme Scientific Credentials’ that can only be found in Jesus Christ’s Regal Resume:
1. He was Before the Beginning.
2. He was At the Beginning.
3. He was the Beginner.
4. He created all that was Created.
5. He is the Controller of all Creation.
6. He is the Chronicler of all
7. He is the Purpose and Hope of all
You can find these throughout the Bible in texts like Jn 1:1-18, Col 1:15-17, Heb 1:1-3. This is how a fascinating new 300 page book by science-scripture writer Gerald Wright begins. Ask for information today.