“Let me see your tongue” are usually the first words of a doctor to a sick man. This is one of the first test of bodily health and is equally a good test of a man’s heart and soul. Jesus spoke of idle speech and placed it under condemnation: “By your words you will be acquitted, and by your words you will be condemned.” Idle speech comes as a result of an evil heart. Our words are so important that they will be a factor in our eternal destiny (Matthew 12:34-37).
IDLE WORDS or vain words such as gossip with a purpose of damaging others is sin (James 4:11; I Pet 2:1; I Tim 5:13). Murmuring against God or man is sin (I Cor 10:10; Prov 266:27f), as are also “careless words” with no good purpose. Smutty jokes with vulgar remarks about sex reflect an impure evil mind
(Mt 12:34-35; Eph 4:29; Col 4:6; James 1:26).
CURSING and taking “the name of the Lord in vain” is sin when used irreverently
(Ex 20:7). “Oh my God,” often heard on TV and in common conversation, is a vain use of His holy Name. The tongue was created for blessing, giving thanks to God, not to condemn or curse (James 3:10-12). “Jesus,” “Hell,” and “Damn” are good words, but they can become curse words.
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