J.S. a regular reader asks, “Can you write on making peace with neighbors and friends?” Years of studies have been spent on how to resolve conflicts within families, friends, neighbors, church members, etc. With only 200 words, we could do no better than to hear counsel from the Prince of Peace
(Lk 2:14; Jn 14:27). The “peace that passes understanding” comes by obedience to Jesus (Phil 4:7).
Christians can be deserted by friends (2 Tim 4:10). Disagreements and even hatred may come (Acts 15:39; 9:33). Paul spoke of “the peace that passes understanding.” His own life had many conflicts
(2 Cor 11 :24-27). The struggles we now have, the sin, sorrow, division, conflict, disease, etc. are all around us. What is the solution? To do the will of Jesus, this is peace! He will be with us through the storms if we hold on to His word of truth. He does not keep the storms of life away, but He is the rock foundation that keeps our house from breaking apart.
As far as it depends on me,
I must live at peace with everyone (Rom 5:1; 2 Tim 2:22; Rom 4:19). Having peace with God does not allow compromising His truth with sin or falsehood. The Christian “fights the good fight of the faith” as he stands for the truth (Eph 6:10-18).
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