Tyre on the Meditarranean seacoast was an ancient city dating back to 2400 BC.
It was a double city, one part on a rock island and another on the mainland. It was fortified by a wall 150 feet high
(Josh 19:29). It was a city of world-wide commerce. Its ships carried its notorious cargoes of merchandise, prisoners of war, etc. (Isa 23:8; Amos 1 :9). It was also a center for pagans like Jezebel who, through king Ahab, led Israel into idolatry. It is mentioned in the Bible in many places (I K 5, 7:13ff; Mt 15:21, Mk 7:24, Lk 6:17), but Ezekiel has most about its sins, its fall and final destruction
(Ez 26-28).
The city would be destroyed and the stones and dust from it scraped up and cast into the sea!
The history of Tyre is just one of the proofs that the Bible is the Word of Almighty God
(2 Tim 3:16-17). Tyre was defeated by “many nations” in a wave of destruction.
In 586-573 BC Alexander the Great scraped the dust from her and built a great mole out to the island fortress. Again in 564-563 Nebuchadnezzar defeated it, then in 332 BC by Antiochus III; again by the Saracens in 1400 AD, until it was a “bare rock” after the dust of the city was scraped into the ocean. [ISBE, Vol V, p 3030]
You can trust your Bible absolutely!