Chapter 1: JONAH RUNS FROM GOD. He escaped from his assigned duty by going in the opposite direction. He slept in a storm at sea, the only preacher on record who admitted: “I am your problem, so get rid of me!” The mariners prayed (not to their gods, but to Jehovah). It seems he converted them all without preaching a sermon! When they threw him overboard, the storm ceased. Jonah was rebellious.
Chapter 2: JONAH RUNS TO GOD. The big fish swallowed him and he became mission-minded in the belly of the fish. He was afraid and prayed to God, like some today who never pray till on their death bed. He repented and vowed to go preach. I suppose the fish was glad to vomit him out. Jonah was repentant.
Chapter 3: JONAH RUNS WITH GOD. He goes to the big city of Ninevah and after his first day of preaching, this heathen city believed in God and repented, proclaimed a fast and covered themselves with sackcloth. Jonah was obedient.
Chapter 4: JONAH RUNS AHEAD OF GOD. He became angry when the big city of 120,000 souls repented! He sat down east of the city and started pouting. God even comforted him by providing a shade from the heat. He lost sight of the joy of souls saved. He did not love them and thank God as he should have done. Jonah was presumptuous.