God instructs about behavior of older men and older women, then about younger women to whom we now give attention. The apostle Paul wrote about this when writing to the young evangelist Titus (2:4), and added these things should be taught “with all authority” (vs 15). Men and women are to teach younger women, but a woman is not permitted to “teach or to exercise authority over a man” (I Tim 2:12, an adult male, Greek aner). A mixed class of men and women must be taught by a man, though a woman is allowed to teach children and even a man in quietness as in a home, like Priscilla (with her husband Aquila) taught Apollos (Acts 18:26).  Younger women are to:
1. Love their own husband. She is to keep herself pure, then to marry and cherish her husband with a solemn oath made in marriage, a covenant she makes before many witnesses. She sins by forsaking or breaking this vow. The “marriage bed” is not to be defiled. Sex relations within a marriage is altogether honorable, but before or outside of marriage or with the same sex is sin and abomination (Heb 13:4; Rom 1:24ff).
2. Be Kind and Love their children, “working at home” with them. A young woman who neglects her own children is forsaking the primary place God assigned to her.
3. Be pure. Their bodies are to be dressed decently and modestly, and their minds are to be fixed on things pure, lovely and of good report (Phil 2:5; 4:8).