baptizeDECEIVE and deceitful in its various forms appear139 times in your Bible. To deceive is to be false, to cause to believe an untruth. Satan,the enemy of God, is the great deceiver, the “father of lies.” He“transforms himself into an angel” (2 Cor 11: 14).

One great deception of Satan to obscure the truth can be seen in your Bible. Look at the word “baptize” (in Greek, pronounced “baptizo”. It is not an English word. It is a Greek word lifted out of the original Bible and inserted into our English Bibles. Other Greek words were translated into their equivalent English meanings. King James and his translators took this word in Greek and transliterated it into English Bibles in 1611.

Why did he do this? For many centuries, only immersion was practiced, but by the 14th century Catholic and Protestant church leaders had changed from immersion to pouring or sprinkling water. When read in the churches, to have given the meaning of the word would have been offensive. Thus, the true and undisputed meaning of the word was purposely obscured.

The practice of pouring or sprinkling as a substitute for true Bible immersion has continued in Catholic and many Protestant denominations. No major English version translates the word . All who would obey Jesus and receive forgiveness of sins must believe and then be “buried” in water. The International English Bible translates the word as “immerse.” Scriptures: Mt 28:18-20; Mk 16:16; Acts 2:38-41; 8:36-39; 9:18; 10:47-48; 16:33; 18:8; 22:16; Rom 6:3-4; Ga 3:26-27.

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