jewThe word JEW appears in your Bible over 100 times. This word and this distinct race of people will never cease to exist. If there is any one word in all the Bible that would prove it is the Word of God, it would be the word “JEW.”

Although there are many nations and races of people mentioned in the Bible, few of those nations and people now exist. Do you remember reading about the Canaanites, Amorites, Girgashites, Hivites, Perezites or Jebusites? See Joshua 3:10 and Exodus 3:18 and other passages in your Bible concordance. However, we often read or hear about Jews living today. Among the most shameful and violent acts in history was Hitler’s effort to exterminate the Jewish race. If he had read the Bible, he could have learned he was fighting against God. God said: “I will make a full end of all these nations, but I will not make a full end of you” (Jeremiah 30:11). No one hears today about any of those other nations of which Joshua spoke in about 2500 BC. They no longer exist. Not only the Bible but also history and archaeology confirm the ancient historical existence of all of them.

“Jew” originally denoted an inhabitant of Judah (2 Kings 16:6), applying to the two tribes of the Southern Kingdom. Later the term extended to embrace all descendants of Abraham. “Jews” (always plural) is the familiar term for Israelites in the Gospel, Acts and the epistles of the New Testament.

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