Jim, a reader in Keller, sent us  this question: “An Inmate on death  row accepted Jesus, but his warden  won’t allow a water baptism. Is  his faith sufficient? He then gets  executed for bis crimes.”

In 1994 Jeffrey Dahmer, a serial  killer, learned the way of salvation  while in prison, but was murdered by  an inmate before his execution date.  The warden had allowed his baptism  in a bathtub in the prison, like over  10,000 men who have been baptized  in one Texas prison in this way.

Jesus, Peter and Paul said all  must believe, repent and be baptized  in order to receive forgiveness of  sins (Jn 3:5; Mk 16:16; Acts 2:38;  22:16; I Pet 3:21). God will judge  all according to His Word, the Bible  (Jn.12:48; Rev. 20:12).

I have preached  this for over 60 years now without  any fear of successful contradiction.  Remember, I did not “write the  letter; I just deliver the mail.” God gave  us His perfect love letter, the Bible.  The demons believe, but faith alone  will not save them (James 2:19). “He  that believes and is baptized shall be  saved” (Jesus, Mark 16:16).  Ask for the Jeffrey Dahmer  story.