Bible history is divided into  3 ages: Patriarchal Age from Adam  to Moses, Mosaic Age from Moses  till the death of Christ, and Christian  Age from the cross till the end of  time. The Old Testament was written  about God’s dealing with man in the  times before Christ, history that we  are to learn “for our encouragement  and hope” (Rom 15:4).

This week we shall focus on the  Patriarchal Age, cir 4,000 B.C. till  2,500 B.C., covered in your Bible  from Genesis 1 to Exodus 14. The  famous men in this period were  called Patriarchs (meaning fathers)  and they included such men as Adam,  Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Isaac,  Jacob and Joseph. A brief review of  this time is given in Hebrews 11.  In the course of time, men became  exceedingly sinful. Only Noah was  found to be righteous whom God  saved with his family from the great  flood.

As time permits, I will come to  your house (anywhere in NE Tarrant  County) and show your family a  film on the Patriarchal Age at no  cost. Just call 817-282-4918 for an  appointment. Other preachers are   available in other localities.