The body of Christ, the church, is made  up of many parts: some are strong older  and well-taught, and others are young  untaught new members called weak  parts (Romans 14:1 -15:9). The well taught  mature Christian is to receive and be gentle  with newcomers from different cultural,  ethical and religious backgrounds.

Some things are neither right nor  wrong in themselves such as (1) what you  eat (meat or vegetables. Acts 10; I Cor 8),  (2) special days you observe (birthdays,  holidays, reunions. Gal 4:11; Col 2:14-17),  (3) and other matters where the scriptures  have not given specific regulations: church  houses, modes of transportation, worship  singing in harmony or unison, color of  clothing to wear, etc.

There are other things where tolerance  would be disobedience and cannot be  allowed because the Bible has clearly  specified the right way: (1) worship  assembly for the Lord’s Supper on the first  day of the week (Acts 20:7; I Cor 11:17-30),  (2) baptism is immersion of adult believers  (Acts 8; Rom 6); (3) sexual immorality not  tolerated (I Cor 5), hypocrisy is strongly  rebuked (Gal 2:11-16), etc.