“I have fought the good fight,” wrote the apostle Paul (2 Timothy 4:7). There is no touch of egotism.The facts are overwhelmingly obvious.They could not possibly indicate any undue self-esteem on his part. Read the many accounts of his struggles in behalf of the gospel of Christ (2 Cor 11:16-32). This is not a mere boxing match nor any single contest as in the Olympics, but rather the entire course of his life, a triumph over all obstacles in attaining the prize, the crown of life. “I have finished the race.” Under another figure, it is the race of life. The Christian race allows all who run lawfully to receive the prize, providing they finish the course.The payoff comes in the evening (Mt 20:1-8). “I have kept the faith.” Of course he had kept his personal, subjective trust in God, but here “the faith” is objective, as are also the two former statements. He had held to the doctrine of salvation, had guarded and contended for the true teaching of Christ until the end of his life (Jude 3). See a marvelous free commentary on this and on the entire Bible: