“WINE” in the Bible is a generic term. “Milk” also can have several meanings: buttermilk, sour milk, sweet milk, etc. Wine in the Bible can either be non-alcoholic or alcoholic; either good or bad. Which one fits the character of Jesus Christ, the Son of God? Wine can be either the natural fresh fruit of the vine (grape juice) or it can be the old decayed alcoholic wine.
Please note these scriptures:
Mocking, raging, deceiving: Proverbs 20:1. Unsociable, intoxicating: Habakkuk 2:15 Unhealthful, poisonous: Deut 32:33; Dan 1 :3-21 Wasteful: Proverbs 23:21. Deadly: Proverbs 23:32. Not for kings, princes or church leaders: Prov 31:4; I Tim 3:3. Stumbling block: Rom 14:21; I Sam 57:14; I Cor 8:9 Bad fruit: Matthew 7: 17; Gal 5:20. The cost of drinking alcohol is tremendous! Thousands are killed each year with alcohol in their blood. Over 200,000 new cases of problem drinkers are reported each year. Over 2 million are arrested each year for drunkenness (over 40% of non-traffic arrests). It is America’s #1 drug problem! Over half admissions in state hospitals are diagnosed alcoholism.
William Patton lists about 150 scriptures that deal with wine in the Bible. In his book, BIBLE WINES, he gives an exhaustive study of the laws of fermentation and wines of the ancients (published first in 1871, reprinted many times). A free copy is reserved for you while supplies last.