Deacons are important in the working program of the church of Jesus. The Bible gives guidelines, their qualifications, process of selection and duties. The word deacon means “servant, attendant or minister.” This word appears only 5 times in the Bible (Phil 1:1; I Tim 3:8,10,12,13), but in the various noun and verb forms, it appears over 90 times, sometimes translated as servant, minister, attendant. The type of men needed is described in Acts 6:3 and I Tim 3:8-10. Some who were serving in the church at Philippi were included in the salutation in Paul’s epistle to that church (Phil 1:1). Their qualifications are given in I Tim 3:8-10. If you read these scriptures, you will find four character traits and three emphasize ability. Can you find and list them on a piece of paper? Elders are to supervise in the selection and work of the deacons. They serve particularly in physical, benevolent and mission areas. They have authority only as they are assigned to be over some specific business (Acts 6:3). Good deacons are a blessing when they do their assigned work. Complaining stops, needs are met, the Word increases and the disciples are multiplied! Ask for booklet on deacons.