Faith is used in two ways in the Bible. First,it is subjective, something personal within us that we receive by hearing the Word of God (Rom 10:17). It is “being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see;” without it “impossible to please God” (Heb 11:1, 6). Second, it is objective when spoken of as “the faith.” It is that body of teaching, the gospel “which was once and for all entrusted saints” (Jude 3 NIV). Other versions say the truths of the gospel were “once for all delivered to the saints” (KJV, ASV). We are commanded to “contend earnestly for” these truths, and are warned not to change this perfect word from God (Gal 1:8-10; 2 Tim 3:16-17; Mark 7:6-9) and drift into myths, human traditions and false doctrines of men (2 Tim 4:1-4). The Restoration Movement of the 19th century was, and continues to be a determined effort to bring unity among believers based solely on “the faith once delivered” by the apostles. By doing this, the one pre-denominational church will be restored, while denominations built by “blind guides” will perish (Mt 15:12-14). Ask for free history of this movement.