Our merciful Father has given forceful warnings in all ages concerning dangers ahead. For the most part, warnings are ignored, resulting in disastrous consequences. There are always stubborn unbelievers who will not listen but refuse to evacuate and thousands have perished. We can trace Bible history in at least seven eras of how God has warned of pain, death and destruction.
God said, “You must not eat from this tree … or you will surely die.” But the serpent, that great deceiver, came and led the woman into disobedience through lies and temptation. She yielded then led her husband into sinning (Gen 1-3). After about ten generations God saw the wickedness of man was so great He warned that He would “wipe mankind from the face of the earth” (Gen 6-7). Only seven were saved by water from the flood (I Pet 3:21). Later, Abraham obeyed by faith … but God finally gave his wicked offspring into the hands of their enemies.
The land of Egypt was warned but did not heed and were finally brought to ruin by the ten plagues (Ex 8-12). Later the prophets were told to warn: “Cry aloud, spare not … lift up your voice … tell my people of their transgressions” (Isa 58:1). Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Hosea, Amos and others warned of impending punishment. They were spat upon, reviled and killed. Finally God sent Jesus who called men to repent “or perish!” They killed Him with wicked hands.
Ask for study on warnings.