choosing-a-churchMr. Robinson wrote an article in the Star Telegram about “Choosing My Religion.” He gave several ways to choose, but one was left out: What would God’s choice be?

The religious professionals suggest basing your choice on one of these:

1. What is most popular.
2. Where the best music is played.
3. Where my spouse or family attend.
4. Where I was baptized as an infant.
5. Where the preacher is eloquent.
6. Where my financial advancement looks best.
7. Where I have been invited by my friends.

But God has spoken clearly on this. Wise parents will set good examples for their children and will teach them there is only one church in the Bible (Eph 4:4-6; Col l: 18). The pattern for it is clearly given, including God’s choice for doctrine, the way he wants to be worshiped, its name, its organizational structure, and its teaching on the way of salvation.

The church Jesus said he would build (Mt 16:18-19) might be called the “predenomination” because it existed centuries before any denomination was begun. They all came centuries later, established on the traditions and doctrines of men, which Jesus said “make void the word of God” (Mt 15:7-9). They created divisions among those who were trying to follow Christ, wearing different names and writing different creeds and catechisms for people to follow. The Bible only makes Christians only.

Ask for listing of dates and founders of denominations of men.

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