love-storyThe Book of Hosea is a love story that went wrong, labeled as “the prophet of sorrowful heart.” This grand treatise is a tender section of Scripture that ought to challenge and enrich our hearts. Hosea wept over Israel’s sins 7 centuries before Christ, but the errors of God’s people then parallel our problems today. The tragedy of secularism and unfaithfulness haunts the church even today. If Christians would steadfastly stand up for Jesus, how influential would be our plea.

In Hosea’s day Israel had “eaten the fruit of lies” and trusted in military might instead of the power of godliness (Hos 10:13-15). They were reaping the whirlwind of the seed sown in sin (8:7). Hosea’s excruciating experience with his own gadding bride parallel God’s sorrow with Israel. There was no truth, mercy or knowledge in the land and the very earth mourned (4:13). The ancient landmarks were being removed (5:10) as Satan rejoiced over the adulterous action of a decadent society.

“Let us press on to know the Lord.” This word for “know” refers to intimate knowledge as the Bible view of a husband “knowing” his wife (Mt 1:25). Sadly, however God’s bride Israel was unfaithful and flippant, “like the dew that goes away early.” The Lord demands steadfast love (6:6,10). God knows and records all our evil works in His book of remembrance (7:2; Mal 3:16). Sadly, God’s bride was unfaithful “like the dew that goes away early” (6:6), like a “silly dove” (7:11; also Ez 33:31).

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