When a storm is ahead, a good pilot will do what it takes to save his passengers. After repeated warnings through flight attendants, the pilot’s commanding voice comes through loud and clear: “My job is to get you safely home.Your job is to do what I say. Now buckle up!” Was the pilot insensitive? Angry? Divisive? Just the opposite. He did what he had to do to get their attention. And so does God. He knows the dangers ahead of eternal punishment in hell awaiting all those who are complacent and comfortable. He first sent His prophets like Jonah and Jeremiah. Then He sent His only Son with warnings by the Spirit to believe, repent, be baptized for forgiveness (Mk 16:16; Lk 13:3; Acts; 2:38, 17:30). His faithful preachers like Stephen (Acts 7) and Paul (Rom 1:8-32) bravely warn sinners of dangers ahead (Rom 1:16). Some heeded; others scoffed or ignored. This is the message of the Bible: God loving and relentlessly pursuing and pleading through His messengers. He made us, but we rejected Him. Thank God, He will not give up on us until He wins us back. Ask for: His Voice; Our Choice.